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Praise Song for Kent State


Every day we begin anew
black squirrels racing across campus,
coffee-bean cologne filling the air
from cups clutched tightly
as respite from the winter’s chill.

The people of Kent pull on Levis and lab coats,
blazers and backpacks, uniforms and yoga pants –
all dressed for success in this
down-to-earth, reach-for-the-stars town.
Praise song for a new day in my new home.

We meet at the MACC, the Rock, the Green, the Gazebo.
We imagine brilliant futures at Convocation and
stand witness to their arrival at Commencement.
We gather on the Commons
to light the darkness and remember still.
Praise song for the bold and the fearless.
Praise song for those who dare ask, “Why not?”

Three hundred days at Kent State in our rising college town.
This champion of freedom and diversity.
This mecca of innovation and inspiration.
This transformer of lives.
This peerless place we call home.
Praise song for the path we will travel tomorrow,
arms linked, minds open, hearts full.